The strategy of the future investment Sadra Tejarat Hadian investment company
The future strategy of Sadra Tejarat Hadian Investment Company will be based on the portfolio of corporate assets and profitable ability in the coming years.
In this regard, the value added of the commodity basket, the amount of company's claims and liabilities is of particular importance.
Major profitability of the company is through identifying the profits from the sale of investments and also receiving the dividend profit of the investment companies.
Obviously, the purchase and sale of shares of venture capital companies and monetization of both of these methods are from future plans of the company and are carried out continuously.
Investment strategies
1- Effective presence in Tehran Stock Exchange and Overseas Iran through investment in shares of companies accepted in the stock exchange and OTC
2. A systematic, all-inclusive, and permanent review of investment companies, and in particular companies in the portfolio of asset and commodity assets
3. Modification of stock portfolios and withdrawal from low-return investments and losses
4. Analyze parallel markets and monitor international markets to maximize shareholders 'and stakeholders' wealth and maximize returns.
5. Developing a business and investment program to manage and plan the company's activities in the coming years
6. Financial discipline and timely and transparent reporting to competent authorities and cost control
7. Increase capital to improve the financial structure, prevent the portfolio from diminishing and take advantage of opportunities ahead.
8. Investing in projects and projects related to e-commerce and network marketing on the Internet
9. Improve the level of training of staff in accordance with international standards
10. Investment in the establishment of ISP companies and startups to meet the needs of the company
11-Invest in non-stock companies that have a profitable ability