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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Sadra Tejarat Hadian Investment Company Site  

your specific access to and use of this site is subject to the following terms and conditions. Please, carefully read the following agreement on registration and use of this website. Submitting the registration form and using any part of this website constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of this agreement by you. Therefore, if you do not accept all or part of this agreement, you will not have permission to use and access this website and its services.

1- Editing and Updating the Terms and Conditions of Using the Site of the Investment Company Sadra Tejarat Hadian reserves all rights to edit the Terms of Use, the laws and the points raised therein. The rules may, as necessary, be updated or edited. It is the responsibility of site users to know the latest version of the Terms of Use by visiting this page.

2. The intellectual property of all the elements on this website, including information, documents, products, logos, graphics, images and services, is entirely owned by Sadra Tejarat Hadian Investment Co. Ltd. and is not subject to any legal person without the prior written permission of the Site Administration You do not have permission to copy, distribute, publish, assign, display, send and transfer.

3. Registration for access to services provided by Sadra Tejarat Hadian Investment Company Registration is required. Registration is free and the minimum age is 18 years. If you register successfully, this means your age is over 18. When you sign up, you are asked to select a username and password. If you violate the terms of use of the site, your username may be suspended temporarily and if your username is repeatedly deleted from our system and your IP will be blocked.

Important point: Some website services are free and all users will be able to use them, such as a forum and newsletter, but some services like the Sadra online store need to buy a subscription, the amount of the subscription fee is set at 100,000 rials (100,000 rials equal to 2.5 USD) . The fit of the situation and the economic conditions will have the ability to fluctuate (to increase or decrease).

4. Any agreement containing this document, the order form and registration, and other contracts for the provision of company services between the customer and the company, shall be interpreted in accordance with current Iranian laws. The customer agrees that any case or arbitration between the customer and the company is made in such a jurisdiction and the client is satisfied with the participation in the court. If part of the contract is not recognized by the competent court, for any reason it is uncontested, other parts of the contract will still be valid and enforceable.

5. Privacy Users You may ask for personal information when you use the site service of Sadra Tejarat Hadian Investment Company. This information may include name, email address, postal address and zip code, fixed or mobile phone number, date of birth, bank acceleration card number, or other information. We collect personal information for several reasons, including for administrative purposes and in order to provide services. The site does not share your personal information with third parties and will not disclose this information to anyone without legal requirement.

6. Copyright We respect the rights of others. If you see copyright infringement in the information contained in any part of the site, please contact us and inform us that you have violated copyright law. Make the necessary decisions.

7.Web site users confirm and guarantee that they fully read the content of this document and have enough time to understand its legal aspects, or that they have avoided this, that is, they are aware of their content and therefore with the terms and conditions. The regulations agree without any ambiguity in this document.

(The Latest Update at 19/04/2018 )