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Sadra Tejarat Hadian Investment Company - a special joint stock company registered with the registration number 417158 at the Company's Registration Office in 2011 with an initial capital of 10,000,000 Rials, managed by Mr. Abdalreza Hadian, with the aim of attracting micro-investments and participating in and investing in projects. Commercial and commercial projects for profit and profit have been registered.
The company's activities in the field of investment, including the purchase and sale of shares of companies admitted to the stock market and the purchase and sale of bonds and bonds, and the import and export of goods and services, participation in tenders and auctions, and any legal activity In accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular the law of commerce, which leads to the acquisition of profits, and the distribution of profits earned by the investors among them is relatively.
At present, the company's portfolios consist of stockbrokers worth approximately 1/000/000/000 Rials. The company is also announcing readiness to provide financial advice to those seeking to enter the financial markets, while accepting capital and paying a premium.
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